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Our Current Partners

Lending agencies often require borrowers to provide collateral or some payment guarantee prior to the approval of the project for funding. Apala offers various types of financial instruments that serve as guarantees enabling borrowers to secure the finances they need for their projects. The financial instruments that Apala offers include Bank Guarantee, SBLC, Project Insurance, and short-term bridge loans.

Apala seeks to offer its services in partnership with established hedge funds and private equity platforms with extensive experience in producing customized financial instruments that best suit clients’ requirements.

In short, Apala plays a catalytic role between the borrower and lender to help materialize the project funding.
Apala Capital LLC is an independently owned and operated subsidiary of OAO Investment, LLC, Dubai.

Pannamir facilitates the investment process on behalf of its clientele seeking to acquire Real Estate assets including lands, commercial complexes, luxury residential properties, and other real estate-related products in the United States. Pannamir also offers advisory services on regulatory compliance to its clientele in partnership with licensed service providers. Services include asset protection, U.S. tax obligations, and legal responsibilities.

Pannamir plans to focus its initial investments on luxury retirement homes and related services within the United States. Founders of Pannamir have twenty plus years of experience owning and operating boutique family-style assisted living facilities in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

Our services begin with prospective investors making funds secured in their own individual interest-bearing escrow accounts at one of our affiliated banks or financial platforms in their own country of residence. With the secured escrow fund, we, at Pannamir work closely with our client and provide customized services to help acquire assets best suited for revenue-generating luxury residential property businesses.

Pannamir is a Delaware-based limited liability company with the objective of providing Real Estate Advisory Services to accredited investors worldwide.

We provide assistance and quality services to emerging businesses from overseas to gain access to basic tools and resources they would need in order to establish and maintain their presence in North America. It is an innovative and cost-effective way for the small businesses to benefit from global economic opportunities that U.S. free-market system provides

OAO welcomes your partnership